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New album "Echosphere" available from 15.03.2023!

On March 15, 2023 we will release our twelfth album "Echosphere". Continuously active since 1990, we have never been content to copy our musical idols or ourselves, and so "Echosphere" also sounds on the one hand instantly familiar, but also contains surprising new elements.

With the fantasy term "Echosphere" Jörg Kleudgen describes an invisible, in its size undefined sphere, with which man is in constant interaction. His thoughts and his actions determine how he perceives his environment. At the same time, his perception shapes him. Reality and imagination merge, and what was previously regarded as certain knowledge becomes a figment of the imagination, and vice versa.

As usual, "Echosphere" is accompanied by a story, in the current case even by two stories, one of which was written in collaboration with the author Uwe Voehl (Professor Zamorra, John Sinclair), who is a friend of the author.

Echosphere is available in "Digital" (Download available from April), "Regular" (CD + Poster) and "Deluxe" editions. The "Deluxe Edition", limited to 100 copies, contains besides the aforementioned CD and poster a set of 4 postcards showing further variations of the cover motif and short texts by the authors K.R. Sanders, Christopher Müller and Tobias Bachmann, a sticker, the festival ribbon with the embroidered lettering "Echosphere" mentioned in the album story and as the most important component a hardbound booklet with the actual album story in a richly illustrated form with an original linoleum print by Linda Kröninger.



(MP3 Download via Bandcamp)
10,- Euro
Regular-Edition 15,- Euro
Deluxe-Edition 40,- Euro

Deluxe-Edition strictly limited to 100 copies!
Digital-Edition directly available via BANDCAMP from April 2023
Regular Edition contains CD + Poster, shipping costs: 1,60 Euro
Deluxe Edition contains CD + Poster + 4 Postcards + Sticker + Festivalbracelet + Book, shipping costs: 2,70 Euro
Regular-Edition and Deluxe-Edition can be ordererd via: order[at]the-house-of-usher[dot]de


01 - As The Day Begins
02 - Dreaming Of You
03 - Walk With Strangers
04 - Heart Of Darkness
05 - For The Rest Of My Days
06 - Echoes (Still Be There)
07 - Making History
08 - All Of These Men
09 - Red Light
10 - Garlands And Mistletoes
11 - Believers


  • 21.04.2023: „Dark Club Festival No. 1“, Rockfabrik Übach-Palenberg
  • 22.04.2023: B52 music club, Brügge (Belgium)
  • 06.05.2023: „Death Disco“, Athens (Greece)
  • 13.07.2023: Castle Party Festival, Bolkow (Poland)
  • 09.12.2023: Cube in the Cube Akustik Festival, Witten
  • Description:

    Included on the album are eleven tracks with a total playing time of 59:00 minutes. From the abyss of night-black depths „As the day begins" with atmospheric acoustic guitar sounds and evocative vocals, and gradually rises to the dramatic finale.

    Immediately the second track "Dreaming of you" shows the band from a new side: catchy and danceable. "Walk With Strangers" is then a typical "THE HOUSE OF USHER" song with beautiful guitars and a sing-along chorus. "Heart of darkness" expresses an exhaustion that arises from excessive demands and routine. The situation, perceived as hopeless, culminates in disaster.
    "For the rest of my days," on the other hand, formulates a more optimistic view: "You are not alone, because I will be with you, even if you don't see me!" is the comforting message. "Echoes (still be there)" can be called the centerpiece of the album. The alternation of vocals and catchy guitar melodies is accompanied by subtle synthesizer sounds and carried by the solid rhythm of drums and bass.

    "Making history" seems unexpected and complex, but at the same time invites you to embark on a mysterious musical journey. "All of these men" already had a lot of success on its pre-release in 2021 already received extremely positive feedback. On "Echosphere" appears a version adapted to the overall sound.

    "Red Light" shows THE HOUSE OF USHER unaccustomedly poppy, while the following "Garlands & mistletoes" describes the futile waiting for the lover who will not come back from the war. "Believers" finally ends the new album with melotron sounds; the band breaks the boundaries of the genre here and cautiously approaches progressive rock.

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